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DESCRIPTION: We believe our product Natura will do wonders, we worked hard on developing a vinyl that respects the law on both USA and Canada standards regarding Phthalates to help improve our health. Since the beginning of June 2011 the law has banned the manufacture of child care articles and toys containing over 0.1% Phthalates.

WHERE USED: Good for children’s toys, seating, sofas, equipment for daycares, children’s sleep mats and head boards, etc.

TECHNICAL DETAILS: This vinyl Expanded PVC with Knit Backing is formulated fire retardant and cold crack of minus 20 Celsius. Available in 54” wide in 40 yard rolls.

MSRP $21.30 / yd Minimum 10 yd Roll. Shipping allowance to a maximum of $25.00 / Roll off actual shipping cost.


Government takes action to reduce children's exposure to phthalates - Health Canada News Release 2011-01-18

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