High Frequency Electronic Quilting

Dura Plastic offers its clientele services of high-frequency electronic quilting that can add to your raw material embossing and perforation without using a needle and thread.

Please click on each of the following thumbnails to see a bigger picture of the quilting patterns.

Zig Zag
Large Rings
Small Rings
Large Floral
5/8" Saw tooth
Sea Shells
3/4" Diamond
1" Diamond
3" x 3" Diamond
3" x 4" Diamond
4" x 6" Diamond
1/2" Diamond
4" Square + Botton
4" Square Stitch
4" Square on Square
1" Bar
1 ½’’ Bar
2" Bar
1" Stitch
1 ½’’ Stitch
2" Stitch
Lignée Miled Bar
1"x2" Blocks
2" Diamond
2" Square Stitch
3" Squares
Double Rectangle
Large Square
Small Sea Shells