DESCRIPTION: Our Daytona vinyl is one our best sellers for many years here at Dura Plastics (1977) Ltd. Great for restaurant and home furniture upholstery. For the amazing look of real leather and leather feel this is the better and economical choice for a luxurious look. With 50 colors to choose from for any setting.

WHERE USED: Unlimited to your imagination for all your upholstery needs. Booths, bar stools, kitchen sets, love seats, sofa, church pews, recliners and more.

TECHNICAL DETAILS: This vinyl Expanded PVC with Knit Backing is formulated fire retardant and cold crack of minus 10 Celsius. Available in 54” wide in rolls of 10 and 40 yards.

MSRP $14.25 / yd Minimum 10 yd Roll. Shipping allowance to a maximum of $25.00 / Roll off actual shipping cost.

Other colors